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“I’ll Have the Combo, Please!”

June 16, 2022

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Billing errors happen. Sometimes, a lawyer forgets that something is outside of Outside Counsel Guidelines. Sometimes, they assume a particular activity is billable when it isn’t. And in rare cases, lawyers are, shall we say, imaginative about what work might be chargeable to the client (for good examples, read this). Whatever the cause, any billing error can blow a legal budget or vaporise expected cost savings.

But there’s a paradox. Obvious errors are easy to spot but rare – and they rarely add up to a big number. Spotting less conspicuous errors is time- and labour-intensive yet can add up to a large amount. This creates a conundrum for a law department: a cursory review will be fast and relatively easy but unlikely to catch the sorts of systemic errors that add up. A thorough review can yield significant savings but requires much effort. Complicating the picture are the claims of legal tech companies that their software is all a law department needs and of consultants who insist human reviews do a better job.

Elevate is unique that it brings the best of both worlds. By combining technology and highly skilled, specialised services, using advanced technology and human expertise, Elevate has proven that this pairing results in cost savings.

On the technology side, Elevate’s Manage Billing software helps law departments and law firms go ‘upstream’ on the problem of billing errors. Our technology alerts outside counsel if they attempt to submit a charge outside of OCGs. Manage Billing explains violations at the line item level and does not allow submissions of invoices that contain file format or OCG violations. Manage Billing also fosters a closer and better relationship between in-house and outside counsel by providing transparency and allowing both to view and comment on invoices at every stage.

In addition to technology, Elevate also offers our Manage Invoice Review services. We rigorously apply a seven-point bill review methodology, scrutinising entries for non-approved charges, non-compliance with agreed-upon rates and staffing levels, and other issues related to OCG compliance. Our process aligns with existing eBilling systems, preserving your IT investment and increasing its ROI.

Elevate’s combination of advanced technology and human know-how reduces the time you need to dedicate to bill review and frees you to refocus on spend management and legal matters. But don’t take our word for it: get a taste of what Elevate’s technology and services can do for your organisation by taking the Elevate Invoice Review Challenge. Send a set of your invoices to [email protected], and we will prepare a free, customised report for you to understand whether an invoice review program is right for you.

Take the Elevate Invoice Review Challenge to see how Elevate’s technology and services can deliver cost savings.

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