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Connect Your Legal Ecosystem: Elevate’s Q4 2020 Release

October 22, 2020

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We are proud to announce the Q4 2020 release of Elevate’s Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) software.

In June 2020, we launched our ecosystem legal management platform, an easy-to-use, cloud-based legal operations platform that streamlines how law departments and law firms manage legal work and collaborate.

Elevate’s ELM solves the problems that arise when data is siloed across point solutions that are not interconnected. It’s hard to monitor, track, and collaborate across law departments and law firms – the legal ecosystem – when everyone uses disconnected point solutions, each with data locked inside. Using built-in artificial intelligence, common data models, and APIs, Elevate’s ELM brings together data from across your existing point solutions into the ELM platform to provide machine-driven insights.

Combining data shared across point solutions, together with ELM modules (for requests, matters, billing, and contracts), enables teams throughout the ecosystem to work, and get jobs done, more efficiently. With Elevate’s ELM, general counsel and legal operations leaders can see comprehensive operating metrics to track and, with machine learning, even predict legal outcomes.

Manage Outside Counsel

The Q4 2020 release brings our RFP solution – Manage Outside Counsel – onto our ELM interconnected platform.

Finding the right expertise (at the right price) is critical for law department operations. However, drafting an RFP, evaluating incoming bids, and keeping everyone informed often remains a manual endeavor. During the RFP process, email inboxes frequently overflow with internal status updates and bidding law firms’ questions.

Elevate’s ELM module, Manage Outside Counsel, automates and structures the RFP process. It consolidates question generation, internal and external communications, and bid comparisons to score bids into a centralized RFP workspace. Dashboards provide real-time visibility into status and operating metrics. The Manage Outside Counsel module also stores all of your RFP data for trends analysis to inform future pricing and terms.

RFP Data: Visible Across Workflows

Elevate’s ELM connects RFP data and all other matter data in downstream and upstream workflows to streamline legal operations.

An AGC can quickly assign a new request to a lawyer using the ELM Manage Requests module dropdown lists (drawn from common data models) and data on that lawyer’s availability. Assignment details and associated data entered in the Manage Requests module automatically flow to the Manage Matters and Manage Outside Counsel modules that handle law firm selection and project management. No data re-entry required – data changes in one module cascade through all other modules for real-time synchronization and metric updates.

Common Data Models and Data Platform

Elevate’s common data models and platform eliminate the blind spots that arise from having data siloed inside the point solutions in your ecosystem. Our technology connects all the data regardless of the source.

A common data model and data platform stores legal operations metadata – geographic locations, currencies, matter types, users, etc. – and case-specific data. All data feeds into Elevate’s ELM platform to streamline matter opening, collaboration, and metric insights. You can also bring data from third-party tools into the common data layer.

Upcoming Releases

We are excited to bring you our ELM Q4 2020 release in early November. The Elevate products team is already hard at work on the Q1 2021 release. Our experienced products and engineering teams leverage the agile process and are rapidly building a connected, agnostic platform that provides clarity across data currently trapped inside siloed point solutions.

Contact Elevate today to learn how to manage your legal ecosystem in one interconnected platform with data transparency and insight.

Elevate’s ELM connects RFP data and all other matter data in downstream and upstream workflows to streamline legal operations.

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