Vlog: The Economics of Collaboration and Elevating Change

A recent article in The Lawyer asks, “What if all firms worked flexibly?”

In 2018, Hogan Lovells announced a collaboration with Elevate to create a flexible lawyering program to develop a pool of skilled and experienced flexible lawyers to meet capacity for projects or secondments leveraging the Elevated Lawyers platform…

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ElevateNext 2020 Vision Series: Susan Hackett Interview

If the adage is right and “2020 is perfect vision,” we are less than one year away from clarity. But what if, in addition to perfect vision for the present, 2020 brought us the ability to see five years into the future? What would that look like in this strange eye chart we call the legal landscape?…

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Spotlight on Our Global Associates this International Women’s Day

Working Together to Achieve #BalanceforBetter this #IWD2019

Claire MacDuffToday, as we celebrate International Women’s Day (#IWD2019) and this year’s theme of #balanceforbetter–working together to build a gender balanced world–we are launching a blog series to highlight some of our Associates across the globe and to learn what #balanceforbetter means to them. Elevate has grown rapidly in recent months…

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Contract and Commercial Management 2019: Invest to Do Less

Craig ConteI started my legal career in New York in the late 1990s when Palm Pilots and pagers roamed the Earth, coffee bars were becoming a thing, everyone thought that if you added “.com” to your company it was worth 10x more and no one knew what a subprime mortgage was. Law firms basically lived on the concept that “more” was good. (This also applied to lunches…

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An Unexpected Gift and its Lesson

Nicole Auerbach Before the end of the year, I got a handmade bowl in the mail at work. Not your typical delivery, but one that solidified my thoughts on a question I had been grappling with lately – should I be accepting invitations to speak at conferences/events when I am otherwise so busy? The answer is yes – and the bowl explains why…

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Don’t Fall for Tech & Drop!

Craig ConteRaise your hand if your favourite part of getting a new gadget, game or tool is reading the directions and filling out the warranty card. Anybody?

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume most readers didn’t go for that (I’ve got my eye on you, engineers–you know you wanted to raise your hand!). The instinct to want to “just use it” may work with some personal purchases, but as soon as there is a blip…

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