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This Next Normal leadership series podcast features the Chairman and CEO of Elevate, Liam Brown, and Bill Horne, the CEO of Quovant. Quovant is a legal spend management and data analytics solution provider, clearly a competitor of Elevate. It’s refreshing to hear this exchange between two experienced CEOs talking about leadership in these challenging times.

  • [01:46] – A career fixer, Bill enlightens us to his process and the path to becoming a fixer – not a role you see advertised
  • [03:54] – A surprising learning, understanding the relationship between a corporate GC and law firms – specifically the sensitivity around the relationship
  • [09:32] – In nine months, this is going to be great – trust me, and the data
  • [13:36] – Being a CEO in 2020…
  • [16:44] – Empathy and running a business… we’re still capitalists
  • [18:54] – Leading through economic cycles requires bringing new tools to the table
  • [22:26] – New – or want to be – CEOs – Tune in to Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gate on Netflix


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Podcast Transcript

Note: This transcript has been adjusted to improve readability. Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and human transcribers. The context and more than 95% of the actual transcript have been preserved. We strongly encourage you to listen to the audio file.


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