Flexible Lawyering: An Interview with Denise Nurse

Denise NurseHow do you know if a flexible career path is a good fit for someone when you first meet them?

It starts with understanding someone’s confidence in who they are and what they do, and then looking at how that fits with their personal goals. If someone’s primary need is the security of knowing exactly what each month ahead will look like, they probably aren’t a good candidate for this career path. The reality is, today, there is no more security in a permanent role than there is in this approach to work.

Elevate Commentary on FTSE 100 GC Roundtable

Last week we sat down with a dozen FTSE100 GCs to discuss The Lawyer’s annual report on them and their peers. The discussion echoed many other conversations we’ve had with GCs in the UK and around the world. From our perspective, the three hottest topics were, in no particular order: doing more with less, the rise of legal operations, and fostering diversity…

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