In the October 2018 issue of Legal Management, the official publication of the Association of Legal Administrators, Pratik Patel, Vice President of Innovation and Products at Elevate discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why law firms will continue to use it in higher frequency.

According to Patel, AI is giving law firms the ability to review, tag, cleanse and position “unstructured time entry data to gain better clarity into things like pricing or billing compliance… This application of AI is meant to save time and effort rather than it being used to ‘replace’ lawyers.”

But will AI replace attorneys and other law firm employees?

Patel said, “Legal is both a science and an art, in some cases where the art can yield better results than the science. Strategy sessions, status updates and basic personal interaction — the lawyer equivalent to bedside manner — can never be replaced by machines. They can be augmented, but never replaced.”

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