Environmental Sustainability: The Path to Carbon Neutrality

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Environmental Sustainability:

The Path to Carbon Neutrality​



Our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

At Elevate, we aspire to be responsible leaders of our business, our people, and our industry. A commitment to our core values of We Care, We Innovate, and We Deliver is the foundation for providing useful solutions for our customers, a purposeful workplace for our employees, and innovative environmental leadership for our communities. The unique business landscape in 2020 created the opportunity to refocus our sustainability efforts. To that end, Elevate has set the goal of becoming carbon-neutral in 2021.

What’s in this report?

Elevate’s 2021 Environmental Sustainability Report reflects our commitment to innovative environmental leadership. As detailed in the report, the unique circumstances of 2020 demonstrated that the pre-COVID status quo need not be a template for the post-COVID future, but instead, we could as a company reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) generation while still providing useful solutions to our customers and a purposeful workplace for our employees. To that end, we have set a goal of becoming carbon-neutral in 2021. We are clear-eyed about the challenge before us – particularly the need for a collective shift in mindset and a reorientation of our company culture. We know that by leveraging our expertise in organisational change management, making an unwavering commitment to environmental leadership, and undertaking focused efforts across Elevate, we can achieve our goal of carbon-neutrality.

Earth Day, Every Day

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