ElevateNext’s Patrick Lamb and Univar General Counsel Jeffrey Carr were featured in an ABA Journal article on August 27, 2018 about leveraging their long-time relationship to improve operations and outcomes of Univar’s legal department.

Both named as Legal Rebels in 2009 by national legal publication, Lamb and Carr have similar perspectives on the future of delivery of legal services to corporate law departments.

In Carr’s view, the law department of the future is simply an executive function that is performing as an important part of an executive team. It provides value to the company by maintaining the ethical compass and helping the company succeed in its business objectives while mitigating risk—the focus is on preventing problems.

“In what we’re trying to build here between ElevateNext and Univar, we’re trying to get proof that you can ‘proccessify’ the delivery of legal services, and that you can drastically reduce the cost of them, providing better values to the companies,” Carr says.

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